It’s OK…I have a Liebster.

I’m am so excited to share something new with my readers! I was nominated for a Liebster Award!

If you are unfamiliar with a Liebster Award, and I’m sure 99% of you are, that’s ok. It’s basically an award given by bloggers to other bloggers as a way to show some love and recognition for what they are doing. Those who accept the award answer some questions, make up some more questions, and nominate other bloggers that you enjoy to participate. It’s a great way to share your favorite bloggers with others, and find some new ones along the way.

I’d like to thank Jessica over at Tiny Portal for the nomination. It is always awesome to find out people are reading and enjoying your writings. It isn’t always easy to write, snap, and edit, but I’m so encouraged when I know people are reading and enjoying what I am creating. Thanks Jessica for the love! Here are my responses! (Rules and nominations are at the end of the post)

1. Where was the first country you fantasized about traveling to? And have you made it to that country yet? 

Before moving overseas I don’t think I ever really fantasized about traveling anywhere. Travel was never really on my mind. Now that I’m in Asia I’m always considering where I’d like to go next. One country that I fantasize about is Palau. I want to swim with the jellyfish.

2. What has been your favorite and least favorite food adventures?

Favorite food adventure has to be eating in Thailand. Everything is pretty questionable looking (don’t get me started on health code, “safe zones” for meat temperatures, street food) but everything tastes exceptionally delicious! And cheap! Best $1 pad thai and fried rice I’ll ever have in my life! Least favorite food adventure was Hong Kong. Everything smelled like fish. That was a trip that I didn’t plan and just showed up. Didn’t have a single good meal for 4 days.

3. What is one thing you always bring with you on your trips (a picture, a favorite scarf)?

My travel blanket. Don’t laugh. I’m never cold on airplanes or buses, and I always have something soft. 

4. Are you a kindle reader or do you stuff ‘real books’ into your bag? Why? And are you reading anything fun at the moment?

I usually have both!! If I take real books, I usually brings ones I’ve read before then once I finish them I will leave them at a cafe or in an Airbnb for the next guests. Right now I’m reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, and The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin. 

How much research or preparation do you do on a country before
traveling? A few TripAdvisor perusals, learn a few words in the local
tongue, make Lonely Planet your bible, or just show up and hope for the

I show up and hope for the best. My husband is a stellar traveler, so I’m happy I can sit back and relax knowing he has spent countless hours planning an awesome adventure. 

6. What was one of your scariest, can’t believe that just happened, I’d like to go home now experience?

One night in Bangkok (makes a hard man humble…) but seriously, one night in Bangkok, Thailand we got into a taxi trying to get home. The man took us on the highway, headed out of town. Seemed way out of town. Knew for sure we were going to be robbed or beaten and left at the side of the road. 30 minutes went by, an hour…still out of town and nothing was familiar. We kept asking and he kept insisting there was a traffic jam and this way was faster. About 90 minutes later he turns a corner and it was all familiar and we were in front of our residence. Thought for sure it would be an international incident. Thankfully nothing bad happened, and it was only 300bath ($10). 

7. What was one of your funniest, can’t believe that just happened because it’s so awesome, this is amazing experiences?

Renting Vespas and touring the island of Capri. I have a Vespa (her name is Bling, and she is silver with pink polka dots.) I love my Vespa and dreamed of jetting around Italy on one. We each rented these bright yellow Vespas to tour the island for the day. I was in heaven. We took a road up a mountain and on the right side there was a ledge that dropped straight to the ocean. It was magnificent, terrifying, and wonderful. I shed a few tears on my scooter that day.  I was in awe. Incredible experience. (More on this experience in my Capri post. Stay tuned!)

8. Tell us 11 interesting/hilarious/weird and wonderful things about yourself.

1. I am pretty much always singing something in my head, so when you see me moving and dancing, yes, there is music playing, you just can’t hear it.

2. If
I don’t have at least one cup of coffee as soon as I wake up, I’m grumpy beyond belief. After that first cup it is smooth sailing and life is good.  

3. I speak my mind and sometimes it doesn’t always make sense, but those closest to me understand what I mean. I’m working on the filter (I don’t swear) but I speak fluent sarcasm and Seinfeld.

4. I’m a chronic movie talker. I will talk about the actors, ask questions, guess what’s going to happen next, comment on anything and everything. Thus, I only watch movies with people who can handle me.

5. I’m an observer and life commentator (hence why I’m a movie-talker). I will point out everything around me, tell you about it, and narrate life. Get used to it.

6. I really want a dog (corgi, to be exact) but it is difficult to have one when we travel often. So I have hamsters. I usually always have one or two as pets. I even have a “hamster guy” that gives me free hamsters after mine live a long, happy life. I’ve been raising hamsters for about 7 years now and usually name them after Korean food dishes.

7. Jesus is my rock. He is the joy, light, and love in my life. People ask me why I’m so happy and positive all the time…yep, it’s Jesus.

8. My husband is my complete and utter opposite. Because of that, he literally fills my other half, and makes me a whole person. 

9. I
was voted Best Dressed in high school because I was known for my quirky
style. I rocked a duck tape dress and an AstroTurf skirt (ya, that fake
grass at the indoor put-put). I’ve come a long way from those days but
still love my style.

10. Once I have my coffee I am a morning person and don’t like staying up late. I usually go to bed early…like 10pm early, and I’m not ashamed of it.

11. I prefer the beach to mountains, as I can tan and read books while napping. I love the ocean but hate the sand. 

9. What are 3 things you’ve learned about yourself while traveling?

1. No matter how much I try, I can’t travel “light”. It’s frustrating, and I’ve tried time and again, but can’t seem to master not lugging around a 32 kilo suitcase by the end of the trip. Especially when I go grocery shopping abroad.

2. I’m high maintenance (though I think I’m low maintenance). I like to come home to a hotel, nice bed, towels, and preferably a pool after adventuring a city. I don’t like hostels or guesthouses, and though I’ve tried Airbnbs I’m still not 100% sold. 

3. I’ve learned how to be more flexible and go with the flow. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, so adjust to the new plan and go with it. I’ve become more adventurous with food but still need my morning coffee.

What do you tell people when they ask you about your travels and
whether or not you’re afraid or how you can ‘afford’ the travel life?

Stop asking questions and just book the ticket and go. Life is too short to spend it behind a desk wondering about the world and not experiencing it. My father always told me “You’ll never sit in a retirement home wishing you worked that one extra day”. We are fortunate to have jobs that have stellar vacation benefits, so we take full advantage of that knowing it won’t last forever. Travel while you’re young and have the energy because traveling around as a retired person in their 70s doesn’t look like much fun to me. As for “affording” it. Cut out what you don’t need in life, and put that money aside for a trip. Do you really need 500 channels of premium cable? Save that $50-100 a month and you’ll have a trip in no time!

11. And where are you headed next? Or where do you want to head next?

 I’d love to check out Vietnam, Palau, and Croatia. Anyplace with stellar beaches is on my radar.


So you’ve been nominated for The Liebster Award. Now what? If you choose to accept it, write a blog post about the Liebster award in which you:

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Congratulations! You all have been nominated for a Liebster Award! If you think this is a quirky and cool as I do, then spread the love and keep it going. Answer your questions (below), make a new post with your new questions, and nominate other bloggers you love to follow.










Here are your questions.

1. Money no option, tell me your dream vacation. Where would you go, who would you bring, what would you do there?

2. What event in life has impacted you the most to be who you are today?

3. Guilty pleasures, we all have them, what is one of yours?

4. Do you have any pets? If so, tell me about them. If not, dream pet?

5. When you travel what is one thing you never leave home without?

6. If you could tell your 13 year old self something, what would you say?

7. What was something you accomplished that you are most proud of?

8. Tell us 11 interesting/hilarious/weird and wonderful things about yourself.

9. What is your favorite piece of furniture or décor in your home and why is it special?

10. What was your favorite “What was I thinking?!” moment of past style disasters? (fashion, beauty, all of the above)

11. What is something you have learned through blogging?

I look forward to reading about your adventures! To my readers, make sure you go check out these incredible women all over the world and read about their adventures in life, laughter, and love. I enjoy reading their sites and they all offer something unique and individual. More than once they have brought something fun or encouraging into my life. Lots of love!



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