Spring Pantone Shadows

The cherry blossoms are in full swing now and it is beginning to look a lot like spring. Now before I go running out to buy a whole new slue of makeup to match the beauty around me, I thought I’d better run through my collection and see what has been hibernating these past few months. I’m so glad I did, but let’s face it, I’ll probably still go buy some new goodies 🙂

Pastel eyes are the way to go for spring (can someone say pastel smokey eye?!) and I’m loving these palettes from Sephora + Pantone Universe. I remember my mother purchasing these for me as gifts a while back, but they had been lost in what my husband calls my makeup chaos (but really, it’s quite organized if you ask me). The colors are holographic and shift depending on the light. I feel like a mermaid and I love it!


These are the only palettes I’ve purchased through the Sephora + Pantone Universe collections, but their color pigment and texture is great! They stay through the day, don’t crease, and don’t cake. I’ll be paying more attention to this collaboration for sure!

If you are in Asia and want to get your hands on some Pantone inspired colors, check out VDL. They recently did a collab with the Pantone brand. I can’t vouch for the quality yet, but I’ve tried VDL in the past and loved it! If I get my hands on some colors you can bet I’ll review them here. Check out their site here.

Let me know your favorite spring shades in the comments! xoxo


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