Nikes Women’s Race Seoul 2015

Saturday finally marked the day of my first race. If you follow me on Instagram (which you should @7seasonsstyle) then you know I’ve been training up for this moment for the last month. I’ve never run a day in my adult life. The last time I ran was to get out of a health final my last year of middle school. I’m not a runner.

Ready to run at the Seoul World Cup Stadium

But Saturday I proved myself wrong. I ran. And I had fun. How could I not when I was surrounded by 7,000 women running through the streets of Seoul! It was a blast! The weather was beautiful and other than the 3 kilometer stretch of dirt road the course was really nice. I trained and ran with a dear friend of mine and she was awesome! She, too, was not a runner so we thought we’d make a good team, and we were right!

Wall of all the participants’ names

So. Much. Orange.

Giant drones were flying overhead snapping shots. It was pretty cool/creepy.

We set a personal goal time of 75 minutes but came in at 65 minutes (ranking 422/7,000 participants including both 10/15K). We were both really proud of our accomplishment.

My husband was there waiting near the finish line to take some photos. Thanks for the love and support, babe!


Smiling makes it easier 🙂


Instead of a race medal we received sterling silver necklaces with the Nike race logo, city, and date inscribed on them. Pretty cool.

They also gave out snack bags with salad, chicken, fruit, and a granola bar. Overall the race was really well organized and they took great care of the racers. Afterwards they had a DJ and different event stations for the races to enjoy. I’m already excited for the next one!


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