Beauty Review: e.l.f Yellow Correcting Power

Everyone is still buzzing about yellow setting powder to make your under-eyes pop, so I had to pick one up and see what it was all about. I opted for the e.l.f HD Setting Powder in corrective yellow. I don’t normally go for e.l.f products as I don’t like a lot of ingredients they use (mineral oils and a variety of parabens, to name a few). Luckily this product didn’t have either, so that was a bonus. For about 6 bucks, I figured why not? Is it worth the hype?

At first the color is pretty bananas! Literally, bright banana yellow. But surprisingly it blends out really well. I did think it was a bit chalky at first but it buffed out nicely with my Ecotools tapered blush brush (purchase here). A little goes a long way and it is easily buildable.

Disregard the terrible camera/lighting, but you get the picture 🙂

The yellow is really helpful if you have redness you want to cancel out around your nose and cheek areas. I love multi-purpose products! Overall, I’m satisfied with the purchase and I would consider investing in a higher price point yellow powder in the future. Stop by your local drugstore and check out their e.l.f. products. If you live abroad, carries products and you can purchase it here. They ship internationally for a really low price! Feel free to use my code DAD206 and I think first time customers can receive a discount.

Have you tried these yellow powders? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!


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