Beauty Review: VDL Meets Kakao Friends

I was so excited when VDL sent out an email announcing their newest product launch:
VDL Meets Kakao Friends.

If you are unfamiliar with Kakao Talk it is a popular free chatting app in Asia. The characters are adorable and are taking over the Asian market. They are on everything! Shirts, socks, phone cases, stickers, stationary, food packaging, coffee cups, toothpaste…you get the picture.

VDL is taking full advantage of this marketing opportunity with their newest makeup line. Look at how adorable this packaging is?! Online they call it “unbearably cute” and I couldn’t agree more! I’m such a sucker for bright, limited edition packages! I had to get my hands on some.

I opted for the pot eye clusters as they are called, because I honesty didn’t have any of these colors (it had nothing to do with the adorable packaging, really…)The blush was a bit too glittery and I’m planning a big lip product haul in the near future, so stuck with eye shadows.

Adorable displays and packaging!

“This long-lasting, highly pigmented eye shadow creates a glamorous wash of color and shine on the eyelids, with Kakao friends and sugar-twinkling glitter marbled into a delicious mess”…yep, that pretty much describes it!

I picked up the Muzi yellow and green swirl and the Neo blue and red mix. Amazing! They have a similar texture as a paint pot, creamy but dry when applied. They apply easy with your finger. I wouldn’t use a brush as the glitter is a bit chunky.

Ooohhh! Ahhhh!

Can you see the magic?!

The wear is pretty good, but the color does seem to fade a bit. However, I didn’t experience any glitter fallout throughout the day. I did get a slight crease so the next day I tried it again with a primer and no problems. I recommend them if you are a fan of limited products (such as myself) and love a good sparkly shadow! Swatches are on instagram so pop over there and check it out. Did you get any of the collect? Tag in me your photos and share the love.


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