Common Ground: Seoul’s Shipping Container Complex

I caught wind of this new concept mall, Common Ground, on Instagram when locals started tagging photos of delicious street food in front of giant, bright blue shipping containers (#commonground, #커먼그라운드). My interest was sparked and I knew I had to make the trek to that area to check it out. Luckily, Common Ground is located in the buzzing Konkuk University district, and is home to the first neighborhood I lived in 8 years ago. Mixed with nostalgia and excitement, I drug my bestie with me to see what it’s about.

It. Is. Awesome.

Who doesn’t want to shop through shipping containers transformed into a shopping complex complete with cafes, restaurants, terrace rooftops, and a DJ?! It was a great way to spend the afternoon.

Hey, Mr. D.J.

The complex was opened on April 8 by Kolon Industries FnC. It boasts 200 shipping containers transformed into 56 brand stores and 16 restaurants. There is also a gallery to showcase local artists and an outdoor space complete with food trucks and outdoor seating. The entire facility is smoke-free so enjoy the patios, but don’t light up!

Food trucks galore! Stick to the fusion truck behind this one; this burger was average.

View from above

Apart from the Kolon branded fashion goods, the complex will support local small and medium size designers and brands. I hope to see it hold local art fairs and markets for independent small-scale sellers and students. It is the ultimate collision of fashion, culture, food, and lifestyle. I have to admit the prices are a bite higher than other shopping districts, but you are supporting local business and designers, so take that into consideration. Talk to the sales staff and ask questions about the artists/designers. Some might be working their own shop!

One of the local designers showcasing unique leather pieces.

It is an up and coming space and I look forward to attending their events in the future. If you are in Seoul and want to check out Common Ground, go to Konkuk University Station Line number 2 (건대입구). Walk straight out exit 6 and you can’t miss it (커먼그라운드). The complex will be on your left. Check out their facebook page here for more information.

Sorry, the best map I could find…out exit 6, on the main road.

 I did a review of the Moonshot Cosmetics pop up here and will be reviewing a few more of the shops and cafes there. Subscribe, like, follow, stick around and find out more 🙂


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