Summer Beauty Must-Haves 2015

Summer Beauty Must-Haves 2015

Summer Beauty Must-Haves 2015 by seasonsstyle7 featuring a blush brush

Marc Jacobs fragrance, 97,325 KRW / Fendi sunglasses, 541,310 KRW / Too Faced Cosmetics matte eyeshadow, 39,370 KRW / Curling mascara, 32,870 KRW / Benefit blush brush, 30,620 KRW / Too Faced Cosmetics lipstick, 25,150 KRW

Summer is in full swing! What are your go-to beauty products to beat the heat? I love to keep it simple, yet colorful.

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash mascara and Hoola bronzer are a staple for me. Some SPF, a little concealer, bronzer, mascara and you’re out the door.

Liquid lipsticks are trending right now, but they feel a bit heavy for everyday summer wear. I prefer a liner that lasts all day and doesn’t get cakey on the lips. But I LOVE a good, bold lip!

Don’t forget a fresh new scent for summer. I love Marc Jacobs fragrances (and the packaging is like a little piece of art!)

Let me know your favs in the comments below. Check out my IG account for a daily dose of beauty and fashion~xoxo


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