Cafe Style: Alegria Coffee Roasters Pangyo

Last weekend the weather was beautiful so I decided to do some work at one of my favorite local roasters, Alegria Coffee Roasters. They have a few locations (I saw them first at Common Ground) but this location is their flagship cafe. The roasting facility is off-site, but still in the Seongnam area at another branch.

Not all coffee is the same in Korea. Some places know what they’re doing; others are just following the fad of the time. This place…they know what they are doing. 

Greeted by friendly baristas and an incredible aroma, I always look forward to coming here. They have an extensive menu including some specialty drinks that you won’t find other places.

Hand drip menu

I can’t go without getting two because I’m usually here for hours and I can never decide if I want sweet or strong. They do a lovely pour over/hand drip coffee with a variety of roasts. They are meticulous in preparation, weighing the beans before grinding them just before the pour, and making sure the temperature of the water is just right. They take their time making each drink and you can tell by the taste.

Hand drip station at their Common Ground location.

My favorite specialty drink is their Cafe con Helado. It’s a double shot iced latte with a scoop of ice cream, topped with cocoa powder. Heavenly! The ice cream was delicious on it’s own, but melted into a latte, the results were wonderful. Unexpected simplicity.

Cafe con Helado

Cafe Latte

If you are in the area, I recommend trying them out.

I made a little video about the cafe so you can use it as a reference to find your way. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and come along on the adventure!.

The cafe is tucked away on a pedestrian street so there isn’t traffic and the air is refreshing. From Pangyo Station (on the red line) go straight out exit 1. Walk for about 10 minutes. You will go through a couple promenades, over a bridge, walk some more, and keep going. You’ll see the cafe tucked behind some trees on the left.


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