How to Build a Capsule Beauty Collection: Part 2

Ok, if you missed the first part, rewind and check it out here.
So far, we have covered foundation, concealer, translucent setting powder, and blush/bronzer.

On to the fun stuff-eyes and lips!

5. Eyeshadow: this is were things can get complicated. How do I not look like a clown? What colors go together? How do I get a smokey eye and not look like I was punched in the face? If you are unsure of what colors look good, stick to neutrals to get started. I think palettes are a great option for beginners who want to try a few different colors and have something to work with. Again, you can find neutral, colorful, smokey palettes at any price point. If you have one good neutral palette, you can add pops of color with single shadows and have a starting point for so many looks. Splurge on long lasting, quality neutral colors you will wear daily; save on the bright, fun weekend colors you won’t likely wear in the office *cough* Colourpop *cough*.

Learn how to depot singles and create your own palette with my DIY video.

6. Eyeliner: everyone should have at least one eyeliner. Some prefer gels, liquids, pencils, whatever your jam is, have at least one eyeliner. I rarely use them, but have a black and brown pencil on hand for the days when I want a little umph and have the time for it.

7. Mascara: Splurge! I don’t like drugstore mascara, usually because of the smell, but mostly because it doesn’t wear as long or as well as department store. Drugstore mascara isn’t as cheap as it once was, so splurge on the mascara and just skip a couple Starbucks frappes to make up the difference. I have never been disappointed by Benefit’s mascara, but I also love Mac because you can Back to Mac those tubes after it’s used.

8. Eyebrows: so many eyebrows go unnoticed and unattended when it comes to daily makeup. Your brows frame your face, so a little foundation, mascara, and nice brows and you can be out the door and looking sharp. Bold brows are still going strong so you can find a good assortment of products on the market. Map your brows (start, arch, end) and fill them in, plucking any strays you might find. You will notice a huge difference in your look.

9. Lipstick/Lip pencil/Lip primer: Can’t even begin! This is my favorite part of any look. The lip. This is also where a collection can go off the deep end because depending on the brand, shade, and finish, you can buy a billion lippies and always need the newest one (ask my husband. Sorry hun! I really don’t have THIS one!) If you want your lipstick to last all day I suggest adding a lipliner and/or primer to your routine (order: primer, liner, lipstick, lipgloss). This will help hold the color and keep you from reapplying throughout the day. It will also keep it off your teeth. Not used to wearing it? Pick a few neutral/light pinks, the nude lip is having a major moment these days, and one or two bright colors to throw in the mix. Wear them with confidence and a smile!

10. Brushes: your makeup is only as good as what you use to apply it. Sometimes fingers and hands work best. Other times a sponge or brush is necessary. Use whatever tools you choose that work best for you and the product you’re using. I swear by my beauty blender dupe, the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. Compared to $20 for a BB, this thing is magic and makes my foundation look flawless. Real Techniques make affordable, quality brushes and brush sets, too.
Brushes every gal needs: Large powder brush, tapered contour blush brush, fluffy shadow brush, and small shader brush. Optional: eyebrow brush, lip brush.
Favorite affordable yet quality brands: Real Techniques, Eco Tools, and Bdellium (all available on

Left to Right: RT base/powder brush; EcoTools Tapered blush brush; EcoTools Eye duo set

11. Optional: Makeup setting spray: why spend all that time getting ready if it melts off the second you step outside? This is the fact of life in Asia and SE Asia when summers are hot, humid, and well, brutal. My all time favorite setting spray is All Nighter by Urban Decay. This is what held my makeup all day (and night) for my September wedding in Seoul. If it can handle Seoul humidity in the summer, it can handle anything!

There you have it. My capsule beauty collection. I think I covered the essentials to get any gal started on this beauty adventure. Whether you go department store or drug store, find what works best for your skin and for you. Did I miss anything? Would you add or remove anything to the list? Let me know in the comment below. Show off your beauty favorites on Instagram and tag me @7seasonsstyle.


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