Moeum: The Shoe Gallery

While exploring the streets of Sinsa, I came across Moeum: The Shoe Gallery. At first I couldn’t tell if it was an art exhibit or a boutique, but I knew I needed to see more. Turns out it’s a bit of both.

Sidewalk art at the entrance.

All over the walls were these great oversized prints with fun graphics and quotes. Instagram worthy for sure! All of the shoes featured throughout the gallery were available for purchase. They offered unique and on trend styles at Apgujeong prices ($$$$).

The boutique featured a variety of Korean and international designers, including Jeffery Campbell, who is one of my favorite shoe designers.

Simple yet refined.

I am always looking for unique visual merchandising displays, and loved what this place was doing. I hadn’t seen this before- tree trunks as shoe displays. They were various heights and widths giving the display extra dimension. I loved the juxtaposition of the clean cut shoes and rough nature. The 2-story gallery features concrete and wood displays. It is classy edgy at its finest.


Sinsa always offers something unexpected and I enjoyed checking this out. It is located about half way down the right side of the main street, Garosu-gil, near Sinsa station.



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