Style Watch: Irregular Choice

Irregular Choice is a funky, carefree kind of shoe brand. Founder Dan Sullivan has consistently maintained the brand philosophy of being set apart from the crowd. His designs are unconventional to say the least.

Creating over 600 new styles a year, one can just imagine his creative process and the array of fabrics, flowers, prints, toys, and hardware that are incorporated into every season.  They are head turners, eye catchers, and wearable art. I appreciate any brand that stands for fun and fashion, and doesn’t live within the confines of what is “now”.

Even the soles of the shoes differ each season and give an unexpected pop of color. The designs feature unique prints, colors, details and adornments, whether they are ribbons or charms, each shoe offers something unique and original.

Loving everything quirky and unique, I love finding others who share the same flare for expressing their own style in their own way. This leads me to Gemma, the beauty and brains behind Pink Haired Princess. This lovely lady has a knack for everything girly/funky/retro. She is also the ultimate IC enthusiast and her collection is well worth checking out! Go there. Now. Then come back 🙂

Follow her all over the internet as she shares her love of footwear with the world.  Pop over and see her blogs Pink Haired Princess and The Shoe Girl Diaries. She is also on Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook, too. If you have Bloglovin’ she is there as well Pink Haired Princess, The Shoe Girl Diaries. Not only does she have an amazing personal style, she is so positive and full of life, just a few minutes browsing her site and you will want to throw on every colorful frock you own and dye your hair a vibrant hue to match. She is the ultimate Bold, Confident, Love!~


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