Travel Style: Sorrento, Italy

Italy is a place I never knew I needed to visit and never expected to fall in love. After leaving Venice we hopped on a flight to Naples then took a bus down to Sorrento. I don’t ride well in buses so was sick most of the time. Once we arrived I had life breathed into me! It was a beautiful small town tucked right away on the coast. We checked into a man’s home, a 7th Century building overlooking the beach. His family greeted us warmly and made us feel right at home.

Waking up each morning to this view, and this breakfast spread, was simply spectacular! We were so foturnate to have this time of rest and relaxation.

The beach was rocky and very different from the sandy white beaches of Thailand. We rented beach chairs for the day and it would have been a lovely experience except everyone in their brother smokes like a chimney. When your basic right of fresh, smoke-free air is taken away you can get a little frustrated. (Side note: this was a problem in EVERY city/town/village we visited in Europe. It’s 2015. Don’t you know what smoking does to you and those around you?! Please. Stop.)

Sorrento was a peaceful little town. The people were welcoming and though there were plenty of tourists the locals were helpful and pleasant. We ate copious amounts of pasta and gelato, and I’d say it was a successful week.

Note: I ate half of it before realizing it beautifully matches the buildings


Here are a few shots of the fast fashion I saw throughout the city. It wasn’t a huge shopping destination, and though there was some fashion presence, it is a costal town and has a very costal vibe. I do love how men dress throughout Europe, and how people aren’t afraid to take fashion risks (Note the woman’s half pant suit, half skirt ensemble). It is refreshing to see style risks.

Can we get any more chic? They were attending one of the weddings we saw that day.

Next level fashion.

Men’s style: well kept and sleek.

Wedding season.

Stylish selfie time


 Hope you enjoyed a little peek into Sorrento, Italy. If you missed it, check out all we saw in Venice, where the adventure begins! More to come as we head down the Italian coast.



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    So beautiful!

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