Travel Style: Venice, Italy

Italy proved to be an incredible country to visit. We arrived in Venice and our hotel was located right in the midst of the canals. We spent three days soaking in the culture and sights. The city didn’t feel like a city at all since the cars were replaced with boats and you could leisurely float from one district to the next.

The city offered to much to see. We were buzzing all over the place on the boats, and visited too many areas to remember! We purchased 2 day unlimited transportation passes so we could get around easily (and cost-effectively) while we were there.


We took one afternoon and popped over to Murano Island, the famous glass blowing island of Italy. It was interesting to hear the history of Italy’s glass blowing industry, but wow, the factory was sweltering! I can’t even imagine being the man making the glass. Between the furnaces and the heat wave it was rough. My hubby bought me a beautiful glass blow necklace with a vintage feel to remember the day.  Look for it on Instagram if you want to see 🙂

After visiting the Marono Island we took a quick boat to Burano. The quirky fishing village has been transformed into a colorful collection of homes, cafes, and boutiques. Every corner is a great photo opportunity for sure!

The feel of Italy proved to be something wonderful and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Here are a few of my favorite fast fashion shots from around the city. I was so surprised to see the Asian influence of Thai style pants (a SE Asian staple fashion piece) worn by locals and tourists alike. Glad I brought mine!

Thai style pants. LOVE.

Asian influence and turban. Ultra chic and not even trying to be.

Vintage display

Tourists dress up and take pictures, too. I know I did!
Super cute skirt with a crop top and hat.
Shadow selfie.

To say Italians are well dressed in an understatement. They do colors, neutrals, patterns, solids, everything flawlessly.

GOALS. So chic.

This was just the beginning for us. On to the next city and it does not disappoint! Stay tuned.


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