Fashion and Beauty Events Around Seoul

October is usually a month I dislike. The weather is changing, it’s getting colder, and winter begins taunting me. FYI, winter and I don’t get along. However, this October is going to be awesome, especially if you reside in the bustling city of Seoul.

Fashion and beauty shows…need I say more? Ok, I will.

Oct. 15-17th is the 13th International Beauty Expo

Held over at Coex Convention Center, this year’s expo will be in collaboration with the KoNail fair that was cancelled this spring due to Mers. I believe it is open to the public on Saturday Oct. 17th and is 5,000won to enter.
Few things to keep in mind:
1. Korean beauty expos tend to be skincare focused. You’ll find creams, serums, and tools.
2. Don’t expect IMATS or a large scale makeup show. There might be a few companies selling makeup but they will be the minorities.
3. It is great for nail supplies. I attended last year and noticed it was very well stocked for nail techs and the prices were really good for the area. They sold China Glaze with is an awesome brand and hard to find in Korea. Here’s the Beauty Expo Korea homepage if you want to find out more!

Back in May I attended the Cosmo Beauty Expo so read my post about it to give you a little more info on beauty expos in Seoul.

Oct. 15th-21st is Seoul Fashion Week SS2016. 

Dongdaemun Design Plaza will host the shows this year so keep your eyes peeled for some fabulous fashion in the streets of Seoul. If you don’t attend any shows at least pop over to the DDP and see what is happening. There are also some off site events and concerts on the Han so check the schedule. Invitations are required for shows and certain events, but I don’t have more specific details about each event.

The complete list of designers, schedules, and events are over on the SFW homepage.

I’ll be in full attendance so make sure to keep up with me on my social media as I’m gramming, snapping, and tweeting away! Everywhere @7seasonsstyle.


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