Craft Fairs and Christmas Traditions

My local expat community hosted it’s first Craft Fair as a way to showcase local talent, support local artists, and come together this season. One thing we all miss are those local craft bazaars that pop up around Christmas time. You know the ones; usually held in your local convention center and filled with delicious samples of cheese rolls and salami, next to glitter-covered Santa ornaments and kitschy statues that fill your relatives’ homes.

Wanting to bring a little of that tradition to our local community (sans the heavily glittered ornaments), local artists came together, and we made it happen. Let me tell you, it was a great success!

A local pub supported the event and offered up tables as well as food and drink specials for visitors. We had roughly 10 vendors selling a variety of items, including handmade soap, candles, mulled wine, Christmas candy bouquets, traditional handmade paper dolls, knitted goods, jewelry and accessories, paintings, and more.

The community came out to support us, and we even had visitors from Seoul (which is about an hour commute) come and check out the fair. This was a great opportunity to begin building my presence in the community, and I appreciate all of your support and encouragement. (Oh, you haven’t heard I’m in the accessories business? Then read this post about it and visit my online shop!)

We are excited to see this community begin to network and grow, and are set to have another craft fair just before Christmas, this time in Seoul. Our Facebook event page has all the details, so be sure to click “going” and share it with your friends for a great time in the heart of Seoul.


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