Venti10: An Unconventional Style Gem in Old Italy

Sorrento proved to be an incredible little town on the coast of Italy. If you missed my post be sure to check it out for more pictures and information about our time there. Walking down the main street and taking in the sights of Sorrento, a bright little shop caught my eye. We entered and out came my camera as I knew I needed to snap some photos.

Love that table!

The owner, Silvana, was wonderfully nice and welcomed me to snap photos and share her creativity. She has great style and ability to mix and match in a unique way.

This shop took everything that I love and mixed it together in a chic, modern, and cheeky way! A variety of prints, patterns, colors, mixed with unconventional furniture and wall art, this place was a dream space of inspiration. I wanted to pack up every piece and bring them with me.

She even makes pieces for her shop. She offered a variety of handmade jewelry and accessories. I loved the bold colors.

If you ever find yourself in Sorrento, be sure to stop by Venti10 and find some unique pieces to remind you of Italy. If you want to know more about Venti10, check out their website,, and be sure to follow her fun Instagram account.   


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