Travel Style: Positano, Italy (The Amalfi Coast)

After our time in Sorrento we had two options to get to our next destination, Positano. We could take a ferry down the coast, or travel via bus. We chanced it with the bus since the ride is supposed to be filled with spectacular views of the town. Long story short, and what seemed like an even longer bus ride (I get car sick, don’t forget that!) we made it to town. Unfortunately, I missed all the views due to uncontrollable nausea.

We landed in Positano and walked right to Hotel California. Yes, that is where we stayed. And it was awesome! We unloaded out bags, and headed for the beach. My world-traveling friend was meeting up with us in the afternoon so we had a few hours to kill before she arrived. We explored the nooks and crannies of the narrow pathways and walked stairs for days! So. Many. Steps.


The town was as incredible as I imagined it. Nestled on the side of a cliff, this is no longer the poor fishing village it once was, but a bustling array of shops, cafes, colors, and people. It is the perfect little destination to enjoy for a few days if you are traveling Italy. We were able to relax and enjoy the beautiful beaches while working on our Italian tans.

Everything was above and beyond my expectation. No wonder it is such a popular destination. The food, shopping, sights, and beaches were some of the best I’d seen in Italy. Loved every minute. The town is built on a cliff so there were plenty of steps. Most hotels you can pay a service to have your bags delivered to the pier, but we saved that money for food (obviously!) and drug our luggage down there by ourselves. Sadly we were only there for 3 nights but there was so much more to see, and we were off to Capri!


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