Thrifting Find of the Century

I love a good thift shop. Since I can remember I loved digging through racks at the local thrift stores, second hand shops, vintage stores, any place that I might find something unique that could make a statement. Sometimes we would find absolute treasures, designer goodies, or timeless pieces. It was a family thing so my sister and I would often rival who could find the best bargin.

This story is about her.

Like myself, my sister lives that #expatlife. She and her family call South America home and have been living there for the last 6 years. They have built their businesses and family there and it’s incredible to see. She emailed me the other day with her find of the century.

She sent me this picture with the tag: Let’s play Name That Shoe!

I knew right off these were none other than Christian Louboutins. Amazing! They are the “So Kate” patent leather style in a dusty nude pink with a 120mm (4.5 inch) heel.

These retail for about $700. Thrift price for a pair in excellent condition: $13. You can’t even buy a pair of second hand no-name shoes for $13 anymore! Can we agree this is the find of the century?

Excuse me while I scoot off to my local market to see what deals I can score. Happy Thrifting~


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