Cosmo Beauty Expo Seoul Haul 2016

The Cosmo Beauty Expo Seoul came to a wonderful end over the weekend. It was
held in Coex in the heart of Seoul and showcased the newest and most innovative
products the Korean skincare industry has to offer.

Two days and about 10
kilograms of products later, I have my haul video uploaded. I’m still
working on finding out where you can purchase the products online (whether
internationally or in Korea). The links are below the video so pop over to myYouTube channel to get those full details. Be sure to subscribe for more so you
don’t miss out on my full product reviews and the trending styles in Korean skincare regimes.

This month is going to be filled with glowing skin and face masks galore!
Like I mentioned, beauty expos in Seoul are not necessarily pro-makeup shows
but focus more on spa-quality, professional skincare products. This wasn’t my first expo, but it was the best one I’ve attended in Seoul. It was a big notch above last years expo, and I expect them to keep improving.  Let me know what
products or ingredients intrigue you the most in the comment below. Enjoy!


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