How to Fake a Tropical Vacation

Summer is just around the corner. How do you prepare? Hit
the gym? Plan your summer vacation? For me, nothing says summer like getting a
little golden glow. Tan skin makes me feel and look so much healthier! Maybe
it’s in a psychological thing, feeling like I just got back from the beaches of
Thailand! When I can’t actually get to Thailand, I can sure fake it with some
of my holy grail tanning products.

After baking myself in high school in tanning beds (and finally realizing how bad they are!), I turned to the at home stuff. I still love to sit in the sunshine and get my vitamin D but long gone are the hours I’d spend in tanning booths. I have
tried a variety of products (drugstore to high-end). Most left me orange,
smelly, and disappointed. Enter: THE DREAM TEAM

I have to say St. Tropez is my go-to, #1, repurchase every
season, tanning system. I have never turned orange and rarely streak. They key
is in their formulas and the special application glove. Their products have a
very dark color and a green tone so when the product develops it
turns into a bronzed (not orange) color. 

My favorite products include the tanning mousse and lotion,
tanning lotion for face, tan enhancing moisturizer, and exfoliating shower
wash. All of these I have repurchased multiple times.

Disappointing products include the gradual tan for face (no
visible tan difference, made me break out and smelled terrible), and the bronzing
mousse for sensitive skin (color payoff was not as good as the original). 

Products on my next to try list include their facial oil and express tan mousse. I’ve heard great things about both of these products.

Beautybay offers a small trial kit that includes a glove,
bronzing mousse, lotion, and exfoliator so you can try all their products without
committing to a full size bottle. Their current kit is the Express Tan which I haven’t tried but it’s on my list.


Make sure to always exfoliate first and moisturize. Apply the
tanning product directly to the mitt, then apply the product in long, sweeping
motions. A little goes a long way so work in small batches. Don’t be surprised by the dark color. It gives an instant color so you can see where you have placed the
product and so you won’t miss any spots. The mitt is a must-have item if you use the mousse formula. I use the lotion formula without the mitt but you have to work quickly and wash your hand really well or you’ll have super dark palms. You can even mix the tanning lotion with body lotion for a more mild tan. Use the product weekly to maintain your tan but don’t forget to exfoliate as that helps it fade evenly.


Here is a swatch of what the products look like on the mit. The lightest is the sensitive mousse formula, then the origninal bronzing mousse, then the bronzing lotion. Again, don’t be afraid of the color.


Use the products sparingly around ankles,
elbows and knees. I suggest using it at night, sleeping, then rinsing it off
the next day. You’ll be left with a nice glow. 

I can’t emphasize this enough. Every skin tone and type is
different and may react differently. Be sure to test the product on a small
patch of skin first. I did have one really, really pale friend who said the
product went on green! I’ve never had that happen to me. So
keep in mind, if you are tanning for an event or special holiday be sure to
test it a week or so in advance to make sure the formula works on your skin

These products can be purchased at your local Sephora or
beauty supply store. I like to buy them online at since they are cheaper and ship internationally.

Do you have a favorite tanning product you can’t live
without? Let me know in the comments section down below! I recently stumbled upon Skinny Tan at the Cosmo Beauty Expo so I’m trying their mousse out this week to see how it compares to St. Tropez. We might finally have a local option!


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