Korean Skincare Trends that Make You Go Hmmm

What’s the greatest length you would go to have the best skin possible? Would you let little fish eat the dead skin off your feet? Or how about letting snails massage (read: slide around on) your face?

If you are living the #expatlife then you have probably encountered some interesting ingredients that might not be common in your home country. If you live in Asia, you are sure to come across some unusual ingredients added to your beauty regime. Some of my favorites include: donkey milk which is rich in Vitamin C, bee venom used to reduce inflammation, and swallow’s nest known to promote cell growth.

These are just a few of the many that I have come across while living and traveling abroad. I love trying new things and getting the low down on what is trending in the world of beauty, so I’ve set out to find some unique, yet effective ingredients and bust any myths about them. Check back for more as we dive into the world of unusual skincare style.

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