LaBelle Sonic Peeler Skincare Tool Review

One of the reasons I love attending beauty expos is you get a chance to see firsthand some of the innovate tools that are hitting the spa marketplace. Many of the tools sold there can be found in fancy spas and skincare salons. I would much rather give myself a facial with high quality products I can buy at the expo for a fraction of the cost of a salon, so I go ready to find easy to use home products. Last year brushes seemed to be all the rage, so I picked one up a 4-D motion cleanser and reviewed it.

This year, I found the sonic skin peeler. At first I wasn’t sure what to think about this product as I browsed the booth. Then the manager came over and we started chatting. The blade looked sharp and kind of scary. He walked me through the benefits and let me give it a test run on my hand. I was thoroughly impressed, so I picked one up to take home and test.

The science behind the peeler lies in the high frequency ultra sonic vibrations. The stainless steel blade vibrates at a rate of 30,000 times per second. The vibrations from the blade cause the dirt, sebum, and dead skin to adhere to the water as it vaporizes from your face. The debris is lifted and removed leaving your skin smooth and fresh. Rinse the blade after use and disinfect it with alcohol every couple weeks.

They recommend using the product for about one minute once a week to start off. You can increase the number of times you peel as your skin adjusts, slowing increasing to 30 seconds everyday.* Making sure your face is wet, begin with the blade at a 45 degree angle and work your way in towards your nose. Move the blade upwards on the sides of your nose, as well as on the top bridge part of your nose. Make sure to add water to your face (that’s essential to proper dirt removal!) if it dries out through the process. The water gets vaporized as you peel.

Check out my mini-review below! And pop over to my Instagram to see all my 30 Second Review videos.

I honestly wasn’t sure what to think of this peeler. I started using it after the expo and I have to say I’m really impressed. It’s like an at home spa treatment. The biggest difference I’ve noticed is how much my skin absorbs my skincare. This helps the active ingredients really get to work, instead of sitting on top of dull, dry skin. I’ve been using this with the Snail cream and Oh Beau concentrate serum from D’Ran skincare. I also suffer from dry patches and this is really helping to clear them up, especially on my forehead. The peeler is batter operated and recharges via your computer and a USB cable. Perfect for a traveling expat who don’t need another cable to lug around. It’s roughly 168cm long and weights 100 grams. It also has a nice top to keep the blade protected when you travel. It’s water resistant (not waterproof) so you can’t use it in the shower. I hope they will make a compact size that is fully waterproof as it would be easier to use in the shower than doing it hunched over a sink.

If you are looking for a portable, easy to travel with, skincare tool, I suggest checking this one out. It’s available on their website in Korea. It can also be found on Amazon for my Stateside readers.

What’s your favorite skincare tool? Let me know in the comments below!~

*Edit: I used the device once a week for one minute. After speaking with a representative, he recommended to use it daily for 30 seconds for best results. Test the device and see how it works with your skin but don’t use it longer than a minute for your whole face. 


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