Top 10 Products to Buy on Iherb

Life abroad isn’t all glamour and rainbows. Everyday you are face with challenges and the simplest of tasks can seem daunting and exhausting. Even going to the bank or the grocery store can result in hours wasted, blood pressure skyrocketing, and lost hope in humanity. Thus, we purchase A LOT of our groceries online. We order most of our fresh product from Hansalim, and there are plenty of CSA options in the ROK, which I discuss over here.

We hit up for most of our dried goods, snacks, spices, vitamins, and pretty much everything we need to stay comfortable here. If you haven’t tried, go there now. They ship internationally and have lower than average price points. If you use my code: DAD206 to save $5 on your first order.


Unsure where to start? Here are my top 10 picks and repurchases from

10. Real Techniques Makeup brushes These are awesome quality, no shedding, and a great price. The miracle sponge is a Beauty Blender dupe, so take that $12 you save and buy another brush! I also have the Core Collection and the Base/Face powder brush.

9. South of France hand soap It sounds so simple but I haven’t found a good hand soap that I like in Korea. We stock up on this stuff. The smells are mild. My favorite include the Shea Butter and Cote D’ Azur

8. Rainbow Light Vitamins and Counter Attack Best prenatal vitamin on the market in my opinion. One pill a day for all the goodies your body needs. You really need to do some research and make sure your multivitamins aren’t stocked with fillers, but actually real ingredients. These are vegan, gluten-free, no rocks, fish, or shells (yes, they are in some vitamins!), and contain probiotics. Their Counter Attack immunity support has saved my family multiple times from getting sick. I’m also a lover of Oregano Oil to boost your immunity. When you feel a cold coming on, get your mega dose of oregano oil on and you’ll be as good as new.

7. Better than Bouillon This stock will help take your soups to a new level, but be warned, the beef stock can’t be imported since it is a beef product. It stores in your fridge and makes a quick broth base for cooking.

6. Spices (and Indian Curry) Iherb has an amazing collection of spices which can be expensive and hard to find if you live outside the US. Stock up on all the essentials. I also love the Taste of India curry packets when I need a quick meal. Some chicken, onions, and potato with the chicken or butter chicken curry and bam! Hot, delicious meal.

5. Fluoride-free toothpaste Sure you can find toothpaste in the ROK, but we prefer fluoride-free which is hard to come by. So we order all our toothpaste online. Jason Natural has some great fluoride free options, as well as Now Foods.

4. Clif Bars A favorite snack in our family we love anything with chocolate chips and peanut butter. If you really want to up your protein intake, get the body builder ones. They are actually really good!

3. PB2 Dried peanut butter. Less fat and all the taste. Perfect to add to your morning smoothie. That’s why it is usually sold out. Stock up when you can!

2. Dried beans We buy a lot of foods from Eden Foods on iherb. I love their dried beans. Garbonzo beans for hummus, pinto beans for Mexican food. Make them in the crockpot and freeze them in small containers. Just as easy as opening a can, yet cheaper and healthy!

1. Plantfusion Protein Powder I shouldn’t even be telling you about this gem because it is so good! This is THE BEST protein powder we have come by. No nasty texture, no bitter taste, diary-soy free, and non-GMO. We mix it with a banana, some PB2, and choice dairy (cow, soy, almond) and it’s delicious. Best part is it is all natural plant protein, so you can digest it easily.

There it is. My golden list of the top things we continually purchase from iherb. Of course, I could go on and on! We also buy shampoo, body wash, makeup, snacks, canned goods, wheat, sugar, baking goods, chocolate, coconut oil, lotions, and then some. They also started carrying K-beauty products! Woohoo! Go check them out. First time buyers, be sure to use my code DAD206 if you want to save $5 (I earn rewards then, too!) Did I mention they ship worldwide?!


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