13month Cosmetics: Korean Designer Turned Beauty Brand

 At the recent K-Beauty Expo I was introduced to this new brand, 13month Cosmetics. Officially, the products will launch November 1 in Seoul. I was lucky enough to meet both the designer of the line and the concept managers at the expo. They were both very kind and were happy to tell me more about their mission.

The brand, 13month, is originally a Korean designer clothing line but Ms. Song decided to take the inspiration of fashion and transform it into a beauty brand. Just as clothing can transcend boarders, she also wants to see the cosmetic line expand across the globe.

Currently the line consists of 3 lipsticks, 3 lip lacquers, 2 shadow palettes, a cushion compact, a blusher cushion compact, and 2 nail polish sets. The line will continue to expand as the brand grows. The packaging is luxurious feeling and has a beautiful esthetic; soft pink with metallic details.

I was gifted a small box containing 2 products, but I didn’t know what they were until I made it home. I received the lipstick in Matt Dry Rose and lip lacquer in Velvet Baby Pink.

I reviewed the lipstick as I ran around Seoul Fashion Week last week, and I have to say I am surprisingly impressed with its wear ability! I often struggle finding a Korean lipstick that lasts as long as my beloved Mac. I wore this one in red, prepped my lips with a primer and lip liner (always a must), and the lipstick stuck amazingly well. It didn’t smudge, smear, or get on my teeth. It wasn’t drying and has a great pigment so one swipe (or even just a light tap) will give you all the color you need. I love the packaging as it is magnetic closure. The only downfall for me is the shape. It’s rounded tip makes it difficult to get a sharp cupid’s bow, but I made it work with the help of my pencil. It’s unscented and has a matte finish. Overall, LOVE the lipstick and would buy the other colors for sure.

The lip lacquer was a not quite what I was expecting regarding pigment and coverage. It went on like  a liquid lipstick and had a nice velvety finish, but it was a bit sheer for my liking. If you are looking for a light color, you’d like this. If you want an intense pop of color, this pink isn’t going to give you that. I still want to swatch the other colors and see how they look. They also make a marsala and deep red color. Overall, the product felt nice on my lips so as long as you know it isn’t a true liquid lipstick (it transfers) you should give it a try.

Are you a traditional lipstick lover, or do you go for the liquid hybrids? I’m starting to venture our more in the textures and finishes I wear in lipstick. I have high expectations for this whole cosmetics line. Knowing the quality of the lipsticks, I’m looking forward to trying the other products. Check out my Instagram for my #30secondreview as these will be featured, too.


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