K-Beauty Expo 2016 Top Picks

With over 400 booths exhibiting and limited time at this years K-Beauty expo in Kintex, the hard core K-beauty enthusiast needs to enter with a game plan. The best way to approach it is to do a little research of the brand or products that will be showcased so you don’t miss your favorites. Normally there is a map online that lists the companies and the booth locations. I couldn’t find that for this expo. However, they have been showcasing the brands that will be there leading up to the event on their Instagram.

I’ve picked out some of my top picks that I have either used and will repurchase, or want to try. Check out the screenshots below. (Credit: K-Beauty Expo Instagram) 

Thank You Farmer skincare

Cosmetics. The lipsticks look amazing!

They make the Jelly Sunscreen that I love. Their BB cream is also super nice. More if you search my Instagram.

Famous Shangpree Spa that you can do at your house.

Aromame beauty

W. Lab cosmetics. Pretty popular brand and looking forward to trying it.

Half Moon Eyes skincare dragon fruit mask

Imine Skincare. I’ve heard great things about these masks!

Bare Blanc beauty cushion and lipstick

Satis Cosmetics and skincare

I Yosul skincare

Vivistick Eye care

Feverlet stick sun cream (I want to see how it finishes on the skin)
Cosrx is such a popular brand but I haven’t tried them yet!

Rumor has it DoTerra essential oils will be there, along with my favorite Korean beauty brand Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics. I’ve raved on their products so I’m exciting to see them at this expo. Konad nail stamping and cosmetics, as well as Holika Holika are among those listed online. Evo Beaute will be there and I purchased their mascara at the last expo.  I really liked it (check out my #30secondreview on Instagram) and they also make a lash serum that I might need to pick up this time. Lindsay will be there with face masks and their Lux Magic Mask is a must-buy. Riri lip powder is usually at these expos so look for them if you want the most innovative lip tint I’ve ever seen. Last shout out is for the 4-D face brushes, plus they have new Hello Kitty ones that are adorable!

One of the main reasons I visit expos is the discount. You can find discounts up to 50% or more from the regular price depending on the product. A lot of the brands are used in spas, too, so you can get quality skincare with powerful ingredients. Some booths take cards, but I find cash is easiest to use so make sure to have a little on you if you plan to buy.

If you haven’t preregistered for free entry, do that here, otherwise it is 5,000won to enter. If you have never attended an expo, read about my first beauty expo experience and how different it was from anything I expected. Also, these are some of the products I picked up at the last expo and many of them will be at this one, too. 

I’ll be there on Thursday and Friday so check out my Instagram to see what I find and recommend along the way! What are you excited to try? Let me know!


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