Seoul Fashion Week SS2017 Recap: Part 2/2

After a busy first day of Seoul Fashion Week and a late night Olaplex event, morning came too soon. I’m not a nighttime event person, so Fashion Week is a rare occasion for me to be out on the town. Early the next day I was back on the train headed to Seoul for a 10am show. I grabbed some much needed caffeine then met up with 87 Pages . She was also attending shows that day so we accompanied each other, shared some laughs, and enjoyed a day of fashion. She is a lifestyle and travel blogger here in Seoul so be sure to pop over to her page and share some love. Now, on to the shows.

Day 5 (10/21)


The day started off with the young, alternative designer Yohanix. This show was really sensory overload! Between the fashion elements, props, pseudo-costume appearance of the models (aka a play on Suicide Squad characters), plus pulsating music, it was too much to take in. The designs could have stood on their own without all the added elements, but I understand it’s for drama and buzz. The show finished with a mini concert from popular Korean rapper Be Why. I wasn’t familiar with him until this fashion show. He rocked the runway and added some fun energy to an otherwise heavy show.


Next up was a part of an upcoming designer showcase called Generation Next. It gathers the newest and most fashion forward of young designers breaking into the Seoul Fashion scene. The show included both designers, one right after the other. The designers were so different so the show had an interesting juxtaposition.

Ul:kin was based on the concept of Twisted Hero and the struggle of heroes in society. I was a bit distracted by the appearance of bruises and markings on the models faces that I honestly didn’t see much of the fashion. The women looked beaten (makeup bruises on their eyes) and it really put me off.

Abuse isn’t fashion.

Vleeda was a breath of fresh air with the feminine colors and flowing designs. FINALLY! A collection that resembled spring and summer! Long maxi dresses, off the shoulder tops, and silky bomber jackets. The patterns were adorable with marbled elements paired with sequins and mismatched earrings.


This designer did something I hadn’t seen before on a runway. The audience was required to stand (no chairs) in barricaded sections. The runway was marketed off for the models and the audience stood in the middle and either side. This was a menswear collection that pushed the boundaries for menswear in Korea. Extremely high waists, tucked in sweaters, bright colors. It was a creative showcase for sure and I appreciate the risks the designer was willing to take.

Surreal But Nice

Finally at the end of the day I was able to attend Surreal But Nice. I was waiting all fashion week for this show. My friend at Oisin Media even accompanied me for photos (all photo credit goes to him!) Check out his IG for more, especially travel shots of Korea. This show was in collaboration with Beauty and the Beast so I was looking forward to seeing colors, styles and theme references to the movie. Each seat has a rose and tag which built the anticipation. Once the models began walking I felt anticipation mounting as I looked forward to a stunning Belle piece. Then suddenly, the show was over. What just happened? Where was Beauty and the Beast? We both left a little confused. Upon reviewing photos of the show, we noticed the back of the jackets inscribed with the words “No Fear”. The letters were made from scene shots of the Disney animation and covered with fringe. These jackets caught my eyes in the photos but left me unemotional during the show. Even sitting front row all those details went unnoticed. There was a lot of buildup on this collection and I honestly left a bit disappointed. Hit the Bull’s Eye from the FW collection felt like a stronger collection, so I hope to see something more exciting released next season.

Day 6 (10/22)

J Apostrophe

Finally Fashion Week was coming to a close. It is a ton of fun to attend but physically exhausting! Especially if you are commuting from another city like myself. I usually end up being run down by Saturday and it happened again this year. My partner in crime Beauty and Seoul went as a proxy to the final show for me. I’m sorry that I missed it as the pieces looked stunning. The designer really played with textures and it had the life of a Spring/Summer collection. I look forward to seeing more from this designer in the future.

Well there you have it, my recap of Seoul Fashion Week SS2017. I look forward to seeing what the designers have in store next season. Want to see my favorite collection from FW2016? Be sure to follow my Instagram for stories, beauty, and fashion updates around Asia. In case you missed it, check out Part 1 here.

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