Goodbye 2016.

It’s that time again when we say goodbye to another year and look forward to what is in store in the coming months. For many, this year has been a tough one. The last couple months I continually heard people express how quickly they wanted 2016 to be over and done with. For those, I say, don’t lose hope. There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Though we don’t always understand, know there is a bigger picture being drawn, and once the masterpiece is finished it will all be clear.

For me, this year has marked one of my personally best years since moving to Korea. After struggling with loneliness and inadequacy in both work-life and life-life, this year was the year of my breakthrough. I thank God for giving me the strength to make it to this point, and I have lived in the fruit of that effort this last year.

I praise God, Jesus, my Lord and Savior for:

Putting me in a new job where I can touch the lives of many.

My background is in marketing and I’ve been waiting (and praying!) for the last 10 years to really dive into that field again. God picked me up from my previous job and placed me in a position to teach and study something that I enjoy dearly, and mentor students from around the globe. I am humbled and blessed by this opportunity and will neither forget nor deny who got me here. He is also carving my path in the beauty industry and I’ve been able to work with some wonderful brands this last year helping them “play to play” in this social media realm. 7SS has some fun things in store for 2017.

Meeting fashionistas and beauty lovers through my social media.

When I started 7 Seasons Style back in 2015 I never would have guessed the number of people who would be impacted by it around the world. I’ve been able to meet an abundance of amazing people through my social media and have found some incredible friendships. If I can make one person smile, laugh, or feel the love of God through my social media, then I have succeeded.

Challenging me to lean on Him for wisdom and understanding.

Let’s face it. I have had to learn A LOT of new things this year. Website management, content creation, and social media don’t just happen. There is a lot that goes into each and every account I manage and at times it is overwhelming. I don’t always fully understand the dynamics of each, but I am teaching myself along the way. I’m thankful that God grants me wisdom beyond what I know, and when I rely on His strength, He makes it prosper.

I could go on and on, but this is a summation of what I have come to know. God is sovereign. He is good. He knows what is best. Trust in that and know that 2017 will be even better. Much love always.


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