Washing Your Face with Jello

Well, Ok. I’m not REALLY washing my face with jello, but I might as well be with this little guy! Living in Asia we are spoiled by products hidden in quirky and unique packages. I’m a sucker for compacts covered in Kakao characters, or lipsticks shaped like wine bottles. I’ve seen them all over here and love them! My love for childhood snacks and skincare collided when I came across this jelly wash mask. I met one of the distributors at the K-Beauty Expo last fall and was excited to receive this product to try.

This gel cleanser topped my list of fun, innovate products from 2016. Esthetically it is beautiful and eye-catching. I’m a big fan of tropical fruit and the lychee made me love it even more. It was packaged like a snack-pack jello, but contained a gel-like ball of cleanser and special foaming pouch. Because the gel is delicate, the net pouch helps develop a nice, foamy lather to apply the face wash easier. See my Boomerang on IG for the full effect!

Honestly I didn’t have high expectations for functionality of this product. It looked nice but I figured that might be it. Upon further ingredient investigation and use, I found this gel is amazingly functional! It acts as both a cleanser and mask pact so your skin doesn’t feel stripped or tight after using. The gel is filled with natural ingredients like coconut, papaya, olive, avocado, and lychee extracts (no mineral oil, no parabens). These are powerhouse antioxidant ingredients that aid in cleansing, conditioning, and fortifying the skin. It removed makeup, dirt, and debris and left my skin feeling smooth and moisturized.

I used this ball cleanser generously every night for 2 months, and I have about a golf ball size of it left. It has lasted much longer than I expected. The plastic dish turns into a storage container so you can lather your puff, then leave it to drain in the cup’s lid. It’s very functional, so don’t throw away the packaging! The scent is light and fresh, like a lychee, and doesn’t linger after washing. Overall, I was really impressed with this product. I’ve seen them for sale at Art Box around Seoul. They retail for 15,000won (sometimes on sale offline). Online, you can get these at Dilly Delight. Find them on IG at @lycheemask.

Have you tried the Lychee Hydra Wash Mask yet? Let me know what you think!

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