Bangkok Beauty: Happening Nail Spa

We recently popped around Southeast Asia for a much needed break and chance to unwind. Well, pseudo-unwind because I often find myself just as busy while on “holiday”, but I digress. It gave me a great excuse to search the city high and low for some beauty finds. Happening Nail Spa is one of those gems. I’ve been to multiple nail salons over the last several years in Bangkok and had some less than wonderful experiences. This place is my new go-to and I’ll never visit the city again without stopping by.

Tucked away on the trendy Thonglor 13 you’ll find this unassuming nail salon, Happening Nail Salon. I’ve been following their work for over a year now, after my favorite Bangkok beauty Peary Pie posted about getting her claws done there. I booked an appointment and scoured their IG account to find some inspiration. They specialize in incredible nail art and Jo Malone scent treatments.

I arrived to my appointment and immediately knew this spa was a gem. The inspiration of Jo Malone was clear, and I could see the owners set out to create a different, more upscale experience from most Bangkok nail salons. I was led to an overstuffed chair complete with foot spa. I received a pillow, some drinks, and a basket of colors to choose from. Too many choices and so many brands including luxury brands like Christian Louboutin, Tom Ford, and YSL colors. 


It was a bit overwhelming but I knew what I wanted so I was able to show my nail tech a photo and she gathered the supplies. Though she didn’t speak much English, the manager there was very helpful and made sure everything was understood well. I received a spa mani/pedi which included gel colors and the most extensive, intricate nail art I have ever had in my life! The process that my nails went through for the final color was incredible.

A mixture of gel colors, adhesive coats, and multiple layers of different foils, I was captivated by the process. Everything was sanitary and cleaned well (although they reuse nail files as most places in Asia do, so if that bothers you, bring your own files). Two gals worked diligently on my toes and nails, and after about 90 minutes everything was scrubbed, painted, and set to go. I proceeded to snap a million photos and they ladies were so lovely letting me check out every nook and cranny of the salon. My husband also patiently hung out, drank juice and watched the process unfold.


The basic manicure/pedicure set starts at 900 baht (about $25). With the full set of nail art and a 10% discount for booking online through their IG account, their service was 1,890 baht (about $53). A typical one color gel manicure in Seoul will run you about $50-60, while pedicures cost even more, so I’m always excited to get my nails done at a normal price! These gals know what is trending in nails and you can trust them to replicate something or create original little masterpieces on your nails.

You can find them at Thonglor 13 on the second floor of the BB Clinic. Contact them via Instagram to book appointments, and tell them I sent you. It’s always fun to see how this social web weaves around the world!

Side Note: It’s across the alley from After You, one of my favorite dessert cafes in Bangkok (review to come!)! So be sure to get some tea snow ice afterwards. You won’t regret it! Oh, and be sure to take all the pictures you can holding anything you find!


  1. Carla Mc
    October 15, 2017 / 12:28 pm

    Wonderful post. I too believe these nail spas are a must visit in the tourist destinations. I also had an experience in Dubai where they provide home service. Nboutique spa provides best beauty home services in Dubai. I had a memorable experience with team exclusive for women.

    • 7 Seasons Style
      October 26, 2017 / 12:59 am

      Awesome to hear! I love a good spa day 🙂

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