Singapore Style: Balayage and Blonde

Time to finally share my amazing hair experience I recently had in Singapore! Here’s some backstory:

I jumped into balayage a few years ago as I wanted to be more blonde without the hassle of maintaining roots. I’ve written extensively about my hair salon, so you can check it out here. The only downfall is my stylist doesn’t speak much English so what I’ve been trying to accomplish has been lost in translation these last few appointments. A good friend of mine had her hair done a while back in Singapore so I reached out to her stylist. I booked an appointment a few months in advance for the day after our arrival.

HELLO Picasso Hair Studio. This little salon is tucked away in a traditional row of buildings near the Bugis MRT (full location details below). It appears like a humble salon but don’t be fooled; it’s a hot place in the Singapore style sphere. Jason works with various Singaporean beauty and style icons, so I knew I was in good hands. This salon is surprisingly large as we made our way into the back, then upstairs. There were small sitting areas as well as an area for facials and photos (you know I love that!) Upstairs boasts more seating, salon chairs, and a separate shampoo station.

Jason sat down with me and we discussed exactly what I wanted-natural bright blonde balayage with Olaplex and a trim to blend my layers more. Each stylist will sit down with you and have a consultation before your appointment, talking about the health of your hair, scalp, discussing face shape and complimentary styles, as well as skin tones and colors. I felt very comfortable knowing Jason was listening to what I was saying and trusted his opinion and skill to execute it well. I received a drink and hand lotion and relaxed into the chair. *Please take a minute to appreciate what he had to work with! My mane was in some dire need of TLC in this little before shot. Talk about making magic happen!

Before long my hair was being prepped and the bleach was going on. His skill level and technique was beyond anything I have ever received in South Korea. He started with babylights at a 20 volume around my face then worked his way around my crown with 30 volume. He used Goldwell Silklift Bleach which I haven’t seen used in Seoul either. You better believe Olaplex was used in each process to keep the integrity of my hair in check.

During the processing time Jason even ran out and brought back some Singaporean style coffee as we shared our love of coffee and culture on this trip. You can’t rush magic so we chatted and enjoyed the morning. After the processing time finished and the bleach washed out, he finished with a 9na toner also from Goldwell. Toning is one step that is few and far between in Seoul salons so be aware of that and find one that tone or bring your own from your home country. After toning I received Olaplex No. 2 treatment, waited for that to process, then finally received the cut and reveal. All this happening in between the snaps, stories, and live streaming. Thanks for putting up with my antics.

Holy. Moly. I loved it! I probably freaked out a few customers in there because I was ecstatic, over the moon for my new hair. It felt soft and healthy, bouncy, fresh, and perfectly blonde. It’s literally the hair I have dreamed about my entire life! Enter photo shoot and my slo-mo video on Instagram!

I invited Jason to visit me anytime in Seoul and bring his kits! Seriously, Jason. Do. It. I highly recommend seeing his salon if you are in Singapore and need to treat yo’ self! Prices vary based on treatment, colors, length, etc so be sure to contact them directly to find out more. The entire staff was talented, professional and welcoming. My husband even got his hair cut while waiting and walked away feeling awesome.

If you want to find out more about Picasso Hair Studio or visit Jason, pop over to their website. They also showcase their colors on their Instagram.

Picasso Hair Studio

662 North Bridge Rd. Singapore 188798

MRT: Stop at Bugis Mrt and come out from Exit B. Walk towards Raffles Hospital and keep walking until you reach the junction of North Bridge Road and Ophir Road. Cross the road diagonally and walk towards Bali Lane.


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