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Hello. Hi. How are you? I’m great. Actually, that’s a lie. I’m nervous. “Why?,” you probably didn’t ask? Well, you my dear new internet friend, have stumbled upon my first ever guest blog post. *screams internally*

7 Seasons Style and I both live in South Korea, and coincidentally both have a (healthy?) addiction to all things beauty. She was kind enough to offer me the opportunity to contribute to her blog, and boy did I jump at the chance.

So after a week of semi-panic, wondering how to introduce myself to the world of blogging, I decided to begin with the company that started it all for me: Colourpop.

My love of Colourpop began about a year ago, when they first started offering international shipping. At that time it was something ridiculous, like $25 for a $40 purchase. Now they offer it FOR FREE if you spend over $50. It is the best and worst thing that has happened to me in my brief time as a beauty enthusiast.

Before this post spirals out of control any further, let me say I love quite nearly (*cough*Ultra Mattes*cough*) every product that Colourpop produces. This post, however, is on a very recent launch they did. One that, if physically possible, would have literally knocked my socks off (If I wore socks. I actually hate socks)

The Monochromatic Phase 3 Collection: Sand.

Colourpop launched three different monochromatic collections as part of their spring line: Nectar, Pink, and Sand. Being a girl who loves her champagnes and terracotta hues, I couldn’t resist.

Sand, as a collection, consists of a number of products so there is something for nearly everyone. At launch time, which was something ungodly like 3am on a Thursday in Korea, I sat illuminated by my laptop screen and placed my order.

  • “Heavy Hitter” – a pressed shadow palette ($18) Contains four shadows: Full Zip (matte warm ivory), Ringer (metallic warm champagne), Side Tracked (matte terracotta with gold flecks) and Top Notch (matte terracotta brown)
  • “Double Play” – a pressed blush and highlighter duo ($16 Contains Getting Handsy (warm nude matte blush) and Padded Down (warm champagne pearlized highlighter)
  • And “Strip” – an ultra satin liquid lip ($6) Warm beige

Colourpop’s pressed powders and shadows are a recent addition to their product line. I find them to be highly pigmented and easy to work with. They sell their pressed shadows individually, but I find the color choices in the pre-made palettes quite nice. The “Double Play” blush and highlighter is the current love of my life. The highlight is gorgeous and I often use it on the inner corner of my eyelids as well as my cheekbone.

One thing that I’m sorry to say is that the highlight does emphasize any texture you might have, so be wary. The blush and highlight, much like the pressed shadows, are very pigmented so use a light hand. I am really pale, but both the powders work well with my skin tone.

My last item, the ultra satin liquid lip in “Strip”, is described on the Colourpop website as a warm beige, but it definitely looks darker than that on me. Perhaps Colourpop and I have a different idea of what “beige” is. This collection contains a variety of formulas when it comes to lip products. Now, I am 100% a matte liquid lip girl. I want no shine, I want no transfer, I don’t want my lipstick going ANYWHERE. And I DEFINITELY don’t want to feel it on my lips, because I am a weirdo. That being said, I do like the Colourpop Ultra Satin formula more than the Ultra Matte. The Ultra Matte formula is fine for about an hour, then it becomes uncomfortably dry and begins to crack. It gets worse if I try to apply any more product after it has dried.

While the Ultra Satin formula is definitely not transfer proof, it does have a matte appearance and is comfortable to wear. Makeup is unique to each person so just because one product didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t for you! That’s the beauty of Colourpop. They are sold exclusively online, so they can keep their prices low and still maintain excellent quality. You can try one of everything (and you should)!

P.S. Did you enjoy my ramblings? You can find me on Instagram @swatchmedeadly where I post about all sorts of makeup stuffs. Like coffee bean shaped exfoliator!

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