THESE Masks are Major in K-Beauty

Hey guys!!! Time to introduce you to one of my fave brands that I’ve been trying to share for ages! If you follow my IG you know I’ve loved their masks since they launched last fall. I even did a Busker about them last year!

Tiam is a relatively new skincare line that I was first introduced to last year at the K-Beauty Expo. I stumbled upon their booth as they were showcasing CosRx skincare (their sister company). Tiam came to market with 4 products and they continue to expand their product line. Last year they launched with 2 bubble masks, a brightening cream, and  an anti-pollution salt face scrub. This year they have introduced their Aura line, filled with AHAs and BHAs, a blemish treatment kit, and more! Stay tuned as I cover these in Part 2. 

 Let’s jump right into how I use the products and my impressions. 

First, I like to prep my skin for the masks by lightly exfoliating with the anti-pollution salt scrub. The pollution has been no joke in South Korea this year so I love having this in my routine weekly.

It is a salt based exfoliating scrub with the funkiest, coolest texture I’ve seen in a product in a long time.

It reminds me of taffy or crafters glue. Apply it to a dry face and rub the product around to an even layer to exfoliate your skin, being careful of your eyes. Then add water and continue to gently rub the product on your face. Rinse. Boom. The floral scent is gentle and the ingredients are non-irritating.

Next step after exfoliating is the bubble mask pack. Depending on your skin needs the bubble mask comes in two formulas: pink and black. The Trouble Drying Pink Bubble Pack is for trouble skin, places prone to acne or breakouts. The Sebum Drying Black Bubble Pack is charcoal based and good for drawing out impurities and helping with oil control. The texture is light and fluffy. My favorite part of these is you can do double masking. Apply the pink mask around the outer areas of your face, and the black mask to your t-zone. A little goes a long way so spread a thin layer on your face, allow it to bubble, rub the bubbles back into your skin, then let it sit about 5-10 minutes. Then wash your face. It’s ok if you mix the masks when rinsing your face. You will instantly feel a difference in your skin. Smooth. Soft. Supple. It’s one of my holy grail masks and something I recommend to everyone. It even makes it on vacation with me as my splurge facial product since the jar is a bit heavy. The masks also have a soft, clean floral scent but it is a bit different than the scrub.

Lastly, if I am doing this routine before bed I would finish with my nightly skincare. If I’m exfoliating or masking in the morning (which is a refreshing way to start your day!), then I would finish with a light moisturizer/sunscreen, and top it off with One Second Whitening Cover Cream. Don’t worry, it’s a brightening based cream to make your skin looker brighter and more alive. It is not a bleaching or whitening cream. It contains Niacinaminde which is a popular brightening ingredient in Kbeauty skincare. This acts as a great base for your BB Cream.

Bubble masks have been trending in K-beauty for the last couple years. A lot of bloggers love that piggy mask (you know the one) but I’m personally not a fan of it. It doesn’t do anything for my skin and if I’m being honest, it’s an ugly product. I love how Tiam packaged and formulated this line of product. They don’t contain mineral oils or parabens, and are non-irritating. The packaging is minimal, modern, and clean. I suggest digging into the products with your own spatula if you have one as it makes it easier to apply the fluffy, mousse. Also, K-beauty hack, be sure to keep the inner lid as it helps keep the product airtight. Did you know that? I used to always toss that inner lid then wonder why products dried out. It’s a lifesaver to know.


Have you tried bubble masks yet? What do you think about this K-beauty trend? I’d love to hear your thoughts! I also covered these products in my #30secondreview on Instagram, so be sure to check it out to see what double masking is all about. Right now they are available in Korea online, and the masks are availble for overseas shipping through RoseRose Shop. I have not ordered through RoseRose before, so I can’t make any claim on their shipping information. 

Full disclosure: these products were gifted to me for reviewing purposes, and as a thanks for some marketing assitance. As always, my opions are honest and my own. You can read about my full disclosures on my About Me page.

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