Back to Basics: How to Properly Apply Eye Cream

I get lot of emails and DMs about some beauty basics, so I thought a fun “Back to Basics” series needs to happen this summer. I’ll be posting no-fuss tips and tricks to have the most efficient skincare routine possible, so go give my Facebook page a like so you never miss out, and then come right back.

Ok. Welcome back. Did you know I haven’t always been the best at taking care my skin? I know, I know. It was tragic! Only within the last few years did I finally realized how important skincare is to looking and feeling your best. Most of my college years I was excited to wake up with the full face of makeup from the night before because it saved me time getting ready. Yes. This is where I came from.

So let’s get back to basics, and hopefully you’ll have the best skin of your life!

Now let’s talk EYE CREAM.

First, let’s address how to apply eye cream the proper way. Then I’ll share my Holy Grail product to get rid of puffy eyes and circles (plus my actual results!) If you apply eye cream too close to you lash line, when you sleep at night it can actually travel an inch on your skin so you’ll wind up with irritated and puffier eyes than you had before. This is especially true if your products are highly concentrated, like mine.

I suggest tapping a small amount of cream just above your cheekbone, around the side temple of your eye, and up into your brow bone using your ring finger. Do not apply it on eyelids if it is highly concentrated. That is too close. Tap. Tap Tap. Don’t drag or pull your skin as that can cause damage and more wrinkles.

After it’s absorbed then continue on with your makeup application or hop into bed. I like to use eye cream as the last step of my nightly skincare because it is such a rich consistency. Check out these awesome stock photos to help guide your eye cream adventures. .

Now that you know how to apply it, how do you find the right one? You probably have a solid love hate relationship with eye cream. We’ve all heard the skin around our eyes is the thinnest skin on our face and doesn’t produce as much oil as the rest of our face. So it needs a little extra TLC. If you’re like me, start off loving most eye creams I try! Then after a couple months with no changes, I’m left feeling disappointed (I’m looking at you Dior!) I’ve tried all sorts of K-beauty, low end, high end, as seen on TVs, over the years and this is the one that has worked best for me and given me noticeable results. Even a quick google search brings up hundreds of eye creams, so it’s hard to narrow.

The specific cream I’m talking about is formulated with high concentrates of peptides, macadamia seed oil, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, honey extract, and caffeine to help reduce puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. It also has optical filters for an instant brightening effect when worn in the day with SPF or foundation. Because it is created by dermatologists it is clinically proven to work and sits just below prescription grade.

After 8 weeks you can see my personal results below. The top photo is before eye cream. Bare face no makeup/mascara/nothing. The middle photo is makeup as usual with concealer and mascara before eye cream. The bottom photo is no makeup or concealer, only mascara. You can see a big difference in my bags and the size of dark circles. My lashes have also popped but that’s due to a different product we’ll talk about soon.

I hope this answers some questions and leaves you feeling more confident about your eye cream application. If you want to snag this specific one, it is available through my website (I can’t mention the name explicitly to due copyright). You can always contact me directly and I’ll take care of your order, plus get you a little something extra because who doesn’t love freebies?! Do you have a Holy Grail eye cream that gave you noticeable results? Share it below! Follow my IG for more of my personal results and see what is trending in daily skincare adventures.


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