The Biggest Beauty Expo in South Korea

It’s October which means we’re gearing up for the the K-Beauty Expo at Kintex in South Korea. It is the largest comprehensive beauty and cosmetics expo in Korea and is the best place to see what is trending in the world of Asian beauty products and innovations. It is also a great chance to get some products at a discount. I know a lot of my readers are excited to hear about these shows but then get overwhelmed because there is so much information and they don’t know where to begin. I wanted to share some of the brands you can expect to see as well as some tips to help you enjoy the show. At the end of the article you’ll find all the show details, as well as links to the website to pre-register. If you want to check out my haul video from last year’s expo click here.


The show runs from Oct. 12-15, 2017 (Thurs-Sun) at Kintex Convention Center. Here is some transportation information. The show opens at 10:00am (closes at 5:00pm) but registration does take some time, so go early. You can still preregister online to attend for free, otherwise it is 5,000won at the door.


Keep in mind it is a trade show, so the booths cover every aspect of business from manufacturing and ingredients, to packaging and production, to final products. Not all booths have products for sale, but the majority do. Also, you favorite brand names might be found under the booth of a different name. For example, Glamfox is the awesome color-changing jelly lipstick, but their booth is under Kyulgoun People Co.,Ltd. That’s the parent company of the brand. So don’t be confused if you don’t recognize brand names. You need to research their parent company.

I always recommend cash as many booths aren’t equipped with card readers. If you do plan to purchase a lot bring an extra sturdy bag or tote to carry everything. Most booths also have an English speaking staff member, so don’t hesitate to talk with them, as questions about products, or test out what they are offering. Some places have samples, some don’t. Never demand samples or free products from the vendors (I’ve seen it in the past!) Be kind, smile, and chat, and you’ll have an awesome time.


If you have limited time I suggest checking out their website and Instagram so see what companies will attend and what products you are interested in finding. The show is huge and you will get lost/confused by the madness. The expo is usually skincare focused so you’ll find products for at home spa treatments, facials, and even professional grade equipment. There are usually a few color cosmetics booths, some hair care companies, a few nail booths, and accessories (makeup brushes, lashes, etc). This is not the IMATS so just keep that in mind.

My friend over at is a K-Beauty Expo editor and has been reviewing products for the last few months. Check out her website and Instagram for a ton of information on different brands! Here are a few of my favorites and some new ones I look forward to checking out.

Beuins: Famous for their sleeping masks. I’ve tested them all and I love the Energy and Hydro masks. I’m not a huge sleeping mask fan, but these I love and will pick up a new one for winter.

Glamfox: Jelly lipsticks that change color? Yes, please! I’ve done reviews on these and worked with the brand in the past. Really great people and awesome products.

Thank  You Farmers: Popular for their use of botanical and natural ingredients and minimal design.

Oxygen Ceuticals: I havent’ tried these yet, but according to the brand the products are infused with a patented stabilized oxygen (not sure what that’s supposed to do, but gonna find out!) plus anti-aging ingredients like peptides, EGF, and plant stem cells.

Unny Club: A new color cosmetics brand that I haven’t tried but looking forward to seeing them.

Riri Cosmetics: Famous for their powder lipstick and lip manicure (I wasn’t a fan of either). They also have a nice cushion and other lipsticks, as well as color cosmetics. I’m curious of those new liquid shadows.

Banobangi: Developed by dermatologists and a branch off of their cosmetics surgery clinics. Bano carries face masks and other skincare products. Their facemasks have been very popular on Instagram.

Shangpree: Luxury Gangnam spa products for your house. They are famous for their rubber masks.

CosRx: Need I say more? This brand is leading the way for K-beauty overseas and I love what they do!

9Wishes: Famous for their tone up primers and vanishing balm to prep your face for foundations.

Cellnco: Another new color cosmetics brand that I’m excited to test out.


Be sure to follow me on my Instagram for stores and pictures as I’ll be there early on in the week. Have you ever attended an expo like this? What would you try? Let me know in the comments below! xoxo

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