Intercharm Beauty Expo Korea 2017

If you ever wondered where the epicenter of skincare and cosmetics is in Asia, look no further than South Korea. Just last month we finished up the K-Beauty Expo, the largest comprehensive beauty and skincare exposition in the country, and this month we will see another event, the 2017 Intercharm Beauty Expo Korea. Formerly known as the International Beauty Expo Korea, this year they teamed up with Intercharm to bring more vendors, seminars, and exposure to the event. It will showcase over 400 vendors and the expect to see roughly 40,000 attendees. It will be another awesome event for the skincare and beauty obsessed. If you need some tips to attending a beauty expo, check out my last article here so you will be well prepared.

Some of the brands I’m excited to see and recommend include:

UnnyClub- I missed them at the K-Beauty expo even though they were on my list! Their makeup looks great so I can’t wait to swatch and test some.

D’Ran-I’ve used a lot from this brand and really love the products. Don’t let the packaging deter you. They use some great ingredients (though maybe too much fragrance) and I recommend the Tea Tree line, O’Beau anti-aging, BB cream, and Wonder creams.

Micell Korea (Tishaac acne medicine) I bought this at the K-Beauty expo and it is super unique. It is make of micro-spears that penetrate the skin and dissolve acne fighting ingredients directly into your skin. It tingles a bit so test it out first and make sure you can tolerate the feeling (my husband hated it!)

Duft n Doft– This hand creams are awesome and I love the various scents. You can’t go wrong. My faves are Sophy Soap and Scandalicious.

A. by Bom– The well-known salon now has their own skincare line and I’m excited to see what it is all about.

W.Lab (Wow Ventures)– I’m loving their dual compact right now that includes a balm and cushion bb cream. Perfect coverage and wears nicely throughout the day.

OxygenCeuitcals-They were on my list at the K-Beauty expo but I wasn’t able to see them so I’m making sure I don’t miss them this time!

Hannah Pad-Due to the contamination scare happening throughout the ROK, feminine products have been hard to come by and the trust in the entire market has been flushed down the drain. Looking forward to learning more about these cult favorites that are taking over the globe.

What are you most excited to see? Will you make it? The expo runs Thursday through Saturday (11/23-25) at Coex near Samsung Station and is 5,000won entry once you register at the door. Well worth checking out if you love Korean skincare! Follow my IG over at @7seasonsstyle to see what fun products I recommend and spot throughout the expo.

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