Cosmo Beauty Expo 2018


IT’S EXPO SEASON! My favorite time of year is when we can kick off the beauty expos in Seoul. The season always starts off with Cosmo Beauty Seoul. It was the first skincare expo I ever attended so it holds a special place in my heart.

Last year I was even given the opportunity to take the seminar stage and speak about social media and brand storytelling. That one seminar has opened so many doors I’m beyond thankful for the opportunity to teach, network, and share my love of social media and word of mouth marketing. Can you believe with all my snapping and posting I don’t have a SINGLE picture of me presenting on that day?! LOL! Thankfully my talented fashionista @urbanwit was there supporting me and snagged this. PS. Go follow her! Her fashion lifestyle is ah-mah-zing!

This year my dear friend at Seoul Cosmetic Surgery will take the stage to talk about East vs. West beauty trends. I can’t wait! Seminars are one of my favorite aspects about expos because it gives you a chance to learn from industry leaders and I’m all about that! #lifelonglearner

Photo courtesy of Cosmo Beauty Expo

This year the expo is mid-week which is a bit odd, but works well for businesses. It runs May 9-11th at Coex Convention Center in Seoul. You can pre-register online for free entry or sign up at the door. Be sure to pre-register for any seminars, too. Also, be warned that the lines to enter are always complete chaos so show up with a coffee, a lot of patience, and a smile. A complete list of participating companies will be up on the website shortly so be sure to check it out so you don’t miss your favorites. Never been to a beauty expo? I will have a post on how to handle a beauty expo like a #girlboss so stay tuned for that! Seriously. Prepare yourself or you will be totally overwhelmed! Have you been to beauty expo? Come find me on Instagram and experience with me in my stories!

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