The Biggest Mistake in Your Skincare Routine

Let’s get real for a second. You come home late from work or after a night out and the only thing on your mind is your bed, sitting there, calling your name and practically begging you to skip your nightly cleansing routine.

Stop right there.

Do not get into bed.

Turn around and go wash your face.

If you don’t, all that time you spend every other day of the week just gets erased in one lazy swoop!

Can I make a confession? I was “that girl” in college. The one that slept in her makeup ALL. THE. TIME. I would brag to my friends the next day that my makeup was intact from the night before. Really? I’d wear blinging club eyes to 8am statistics class, but that’s another story.

I’m telling you, washing your face and getting all of your makeup off, no matter how bad you don’t want to, might just be the best decision of your day.

Falling asleep without taking off your makeup IS the worst things that you can do for your face. Gone are those childish ways. Here’s why:

Skin: Two words. Breakout central. Your foundation and primer are the two main culprits for clogged pores, which ultimately leads to acne and blackheads. Leaving makeup on your face can also cause your skin to become dry, red, and dull (say goodbye to glowing skin). In some cases, rashes appear as well.

During the day, the free radicals in the air, mainly from pollution, stick to your skin and break down your healthy collagen, which is the protein found in your skin that keeps it firm and elastic. This causes your skin to age prematurely and you can expect some new wrinkles to appear. So if you want to avoid crow’s feet at a fairly young age, I would suggest taking a minute to take your makeup off.

Here’s looking at you my Seoulites and city dwellers! Wash that face!

Eyes: If you have eye shadow that contains glitter: absolutely, positively take that stuff off. The glitter can get into your eye and cause irritation, and it is easier for styes to form. This can be true with any eye shadow, but please don’t go to sleep with glittery eyes. Mascara and eyeliner can have the same effect as eye shadow. Bits of makeup can get into your eyes and you really don’t want to be trying to get it out of there. Leaving mascara on will also cause your eyelashes to break and weaken, and they can be easily pulled out if you rub your eyes. Don’t be like my 20 year-old-self.

Lips: Don’t plan on doing any smooching if you sleep with lipstick on, especially liquid lipstick! Cracked, dry lips are very common for those who regularly fall asleep with lipstick on.

Pillow: Left over makeup and oil from your face is bound to get all over your pillow and turn it into a bacteria nightmare. Sleeping on a pillow with makeup residue is a recipe for acne (and frankly I hate to think about all of the bacteria that’s on there). Be sure to wash it regularly, just as you would your hair and towels.

When you wake up in the morning with makeup free, clear skin you’ll thank yourself for taking a few minutes out of your night to wash your face. Of course, falling asleep once in your makeup doesn’t mean that you’re going to wake up looking like the crypt keeper, but if it becomes a habit then you may have a real skin problem on your hands. Two cleansers I LOVE and are currently using are this oil cleanser and this exfoliating cleanser (because you better be double cleansing!)

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