It Takes a Village to Build a Beauty Legacy

We’re growing and changing over here and I’m the first person to try to handle everything on my own. I’m also the first person to know when I need help and get it. I’ve realized between my family, skincare business, social media life, website, and consulting projects I need a clone! Apparently they haven’t quite gotten that right yet, so I figured the best thing to do is to bring on some lovely ladies to assist! Meet Shayna and Kamilla!

Shayna is a rock star! She’s my go-to, do a bit of everything gal. She is assisting me in back office doings, such as content creation and website development, as well as curating the latest beauty, skincare, and lifestyle news over on my Facebook page, 7 Seasons Style, and my new group dedicated to Australian beauty and lifestyle. Her passion for marketing and entrepreneurship, as well as her outgoing and can-do personality, made her the perfect match for this brand.

Kamilla and I crossed paths through the close knit expat community here in Korea. She’s an incredibly talented Russian-Canadian writer living it up in the ROK. Her and I share an affinity for GOOD coffee (not the weak burn stuff!) so she’ll be hunting out the latest and greatest in Seoul’s quirky cafe culture, as well visit some long time faves! She’s also on the hunt for some unique beauty in Seoul and will be digging into a few K-beauty products along the way.

Nothing beats having a boss babe tribe with vision to work hard, serve with passion, and change lives! Follow us all over @7seasonsstyle

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