Happy Birthday to my style blog! What a year it’s been. I’ve not only gained a lovely following of readers and supporters, I’ve been able to connect with other bloggers in my area and build a community of support and encouragement. I honestly had no idea people would be reading… View Post

Brows are finally getting the recognition they deserve. The sheer amount of products now dedicated to perfecting the perfect arch is astonishing. In the past you were lucky to find a few different pencils to choose from. Now you can find powders, waxes, pencils, gels, and so much more in a… View Post

  My local expat community hosted it’s first Craft Fair as a way to showcase local talent, support local artists, and come together this season. One thing we all miss are those local craft bazaars that pop up around Christmas time. You know the ones; usually held in your local… View Post