It’s time for another Beauty Bonanza! Unpretty Rapstar Edition. I’ve been raving about this brand since it launched late last year. I stumbled upon it at the Beauty Expo Korea and was hooked. The pigment and quality is great for it’s low price point. The modern black packaging makes it… View Post

The Korean skincare and beauty industry is making its mark worldwide and it’s exciting to see the industry come to life and embrace edgy colors new products. I attended Beauty Expo Korea a few weeks back to see what was coming to market. Enter: Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics. Unpretty Rapstar is actually… View Post

Let’s take a quick fashion break and talk beauty. So many beauty products, so little time. Here is a quick review of my Mac bonanza from the summer. I have a couple more Beauty Bonanzas in store in the near future, including the beauty expo. I like to use the… View Post

Everyone in their brother does a haul. I’m tired of the word. Often I’ll use it out of convenience because others use it and we can easily identify the meaning among the makeup blogsphere. But bonanza. There’s a word. Defined as “a large amount of something good within a short period… View Post