While at the Cosmo Beauty Expo I was introduced to the brand D’Ran Skincare Solutions. I sat down with their team and learned about their product lines, ingredients, and the R&D centers in Korea that make it all possible. It was a great chance to find a new high quality… View Post

It’s that time again! Cosmo Beauty Expo 2016 is coming to Coex April 28-30th, and early registration is open! I love attending expos as you can see what is new and trending in the beauty industry, as well as snag some good discounts. However, this is not your typical beauty expo… View Post

When I attended the Cosmo Beauty Expo I was able to pick up a few products that I wanted to test out and review. I’ve heard great things about motion scrubbing brushes (you know the expensive one I’m talking about!) but at over $150 (closer to $200-250 in Asia) I… View Post

Last week I attended the Cosmo Beauty Expo Seoul 2015, and it was a blast! Unlike the typical beauty expo it wasn’t makeup heavy but really focused on skin care and prevention. The mindset over here is to have healthy skin so you don’t need to wear a lot of… View Post

It’s time for COSMO Beauty Seoul 2015! I love attending expos, especially when it’s about beauty, or coffee, or anything that sparks my interest. This year the event is a little different, as it’s being held alongside the Health Industry Expo and Organic Expo. The beauty expo alone is boasting… View Post