To start off this series, let’s discuss snail mucus. Or snail mucin, or snail filtrate, or snail secretion…it goes by many, many names. The thing to remember is it’s SNAIL SLIME! Rumor has it the skin benefits of this stuff were actually found accidentally. First, from a Spanish oncologist who… View Post

While at the Cosmo Beauty Expo I was introduced to the brand D’Ran Skincare Solutions. I sat down with their team and learned about their product lines, ingredients, and the R&D centers in Korea that make it all possible. It was a great chance to find a new high quality… View Post

There’s one question that often comes up in the female expat community. What is a good Korean skincare product for troubled skin?   While browsing the Cosmo Beauty Expo I was invited to the D’Ran Cosmetics booth to learn about their product lines and see how they were influencing the… View Post