*Updates: Due to the recent outbreak of Mers (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) some Seoul expos for the summer have been canceled or rescheduled. I am unsure of the Busan facilities and how they are responding to Mers. Please make sure to contact an expo coordinator and make sure it is… View Post

Last week I attended the Cosmo Beauty Expo Seoul 2015, and it was a blast! Unlike the typical beauty expo it wasn’t makeup heavy but really focused on skin care and prevention. The mindset over here is to have healthy skin so you don’t need to wear a lot of… View Post

It’s time for COSMO Beauty Seoul 2015! I love attending expos, especially when it’s about beauty, or coffee, or anything that sparks my interest. This year the event is a little different, as it’s being held alongside the Health Industry Expo and Organic Expo. The beauty expo alone is boasting… View Post

I was fortunate enough last year to attend Coffee Expo Seoul  in Coex Convention Center in the heart of Gangnam. Korea (well, Asia in general) has really upped its coffee game in these past few years. What once was a land of overpriced watery brews is now a land of… View Post