I get lot of emails and DMs about some beauty basics, so I thought a fun “Back to Basics” series needs to happen this summer. I’ll be posting no-fuss tips and tricks to have the most efficient skincare routine possible, so go give my Facebook page a like so you… View Post

Hey guys!!! Time to introduce you to one of my fave brands that I’ve been trying to share for ages! If you follow my IG you know I’ve loved their masks since they launched last fall. I even did a Busker about them last year!

In June I tested out the La Belle Sonic Peeler L4 series. I loved the product and enjoy the at home spa treatment it gives. The company recently released their newest product, the La Belle Sonic Peeler L5, and sent it to me to try and see what I thought.… View Post

We have all come to love the Korean beauty trend of sheet masks. At first I didn’t think they were anything special. Once I started using them I got hooked. I really believe Korean beauty companies are upping their game and using more quality active ingredients rather than just filler… View Post