2015 is finally coming to a close. It has been a year of adventures, challenges, blessings, and struggles. I’ve been tested in new things and overcame areas of difficulty. I’m thankful for it all. Most bloggers spend December frantically writing, filming, editing for 25 days before Christmas, in what is… View Post

After our time in Sorrento we had two options to get to our next destination, Positano. We could take a ferry down the coast, or travel via bus. We chanced it with the bus since the ride is supposed to be filled with spectacular views of the town. Long story… View Post

Sorrento proved to be an incredible little town on the coast of Italy. If you missed my post be sure to check it out for more pictures and information about our time there. Walking down the main street and taking in the sights of Sorrento, a bright little shop caught… View Post

Italy is a place I never knew I needed to visit and never expected to fall in love. After leaving Venice we hopped on a flight to Naples then took a bus down to Sorrento. I don’t ride well in buses so was sick most of the time. Once we… View Post

Italy proved to be an incredible country to visit. We arrived in Venice and our hotel was located right in the midst of the canals. We spent three days soaking in the culture and sights. The city didn’t feel like a city at all since the cars were replaced with… View Post