2015 is finally coming to a close. It has been a year of adventures, challenges, blessings, and struggles. I’ve been tested in new things and overcame areas of difficulty. I’m thankful for it all. Most bloggers spend December frantically writing, filming, editing for 25 days before Christmas, in what is… View Post

  My local expat community hosted it’s first Craft Fair as a way to showcase local talent, support local artists, and come together this season. One thing we all miss are those local craft bazaars that pop up around Christmas time. You know the ones; usually held in your local… View Post

October is usually a month I dislike. The weather is changing, it’s getting colder, and winter begins taunting me. FYI, winter and I don’t get along. However, this October is going to be awesome, especially if you reside in the bustling city of Seoul. Fashion and beauty shows…need I say… View Post

I’m am so excited to share something new with my readers! I was nominated for a Liebster Award! If you are unfamiliar with a Liebster Award, and I’m sure 99% of you are, that’s ok. It’s basically an award given by bloggers to other bloggers as a way to show… View Post

I was searching around for a good brunch spot to meet a friend for proper breakfast (9:00am to be exact). This was a challenge as most of the eateries in Seoul don’t open until at least 10 or 11:00am. After making a new calls I lucked upon Butterfinger Pancakes Gangnam station… View Post