I love a good thift shop. Since I can remember I loved digging through racks at the local thrift stores, second hand shops, vintage stores, any place that I might find something unique that could make a statement. Sometimes we would find absolute treasures, designer goodies, or timeless pieces. It was a family thing so… View Post

Irregular Choice is a funky, carefree kind of shoe brand. Founder Dan Sullivan has consistently maintained the brand philosophy of being set apart from the crowd. His designs are unconventional to say the least. Creating over 600 new styles a year, one can just imagine his creative process and the array of fabrics, flowers, prints, toys, and… View Post

While exploring the streets of Sinsa, I came across Moeum: The Shoe Gallery. At first I couldn’t tell if it was an art exhibit or a boutique, but I knew I needed to see more. Turns out it’s a bit of both. Sidewalk art at the entrance. All over the… View Post

Summer is my favorite season. I love how light and strappy everything gets. Shoes are no exception. Ankle strap sandals are everywhere and at every price point. Whether you want something colorful or classy, casual or fancy, you can find something to fit your style. What do you think? Are… View Post