This is one show from Seoul Fashion Week I have been excited to talk about. Not only was the collection beautiful to see come to life on the runway, the storytelling by self-taught designer Sujinn Kim was incredible to witness. Her brand philosophy is all about making an experience, rather… View Post

We know the 70s have been trending huge on runways worldwide, and Metrocity brought it to their show for Seoul Fashion Week. From the feel good music to the flower headbands, only one word can describe it: Groovy. Bright colors, cheeky smiles, and loads of fun from this design powerhouse. I… View Post

Her collection showcased a mix of city life and nature through easy structured garments. She used a mix of prints and bold colors including turquoise and salmon, florals and stripes. Her collection was youthful and flowy with a lot of separates that I could see mixed and matched to make… View Post

Seoul Fashion Week did not disappoint. The designers showcased some incredible talent, unique perspectives, and general awesomeness. I was given an incredible opportunity to attend a few of the shows, wear some awesome clothes by Varyd Designs, and meet a ton of inspiring people. We’ll kick it off with Rocket x Lunch and… View Post