It’s that time of year again. The temps are getting higher, the humidity is setting in, and the rains will be here soon. Get ready for it! Also, if this is your first summer in Korea you are soon to see your umbrella collection multiply like bunnies since you’ll forget… View Post

Staying with the topic of brows these days (check out my favorite brow box), I always hear the question, where do I go to get  my eyebrows waxed in Korea? Who will know how to match them to my face? Can I trust they won’t take off my whole brow… View Post

Brows are finally getting the recognition they deserve. The sheer amount of products now dedicated to perfecting the perfect arch is astonishing. In the past you were lucky to find a few different pencils to choose from. Now you can find powders, waxes, pencils, gels, and so much more in a… View Post

I hope 2016 is finding you all well and off to a wonderful start! I want to start the new year off with something new, so here is my first product review video of the year. I opted to try out a new mascara, the Urban Decay Perversion mascara. My… View Post

7 Seasons Style has some fantastic news! Urban Decay is setting to launch in South Korea on August 28, 2015! Just a little over a week away!! Now we can buy our favorites locally since shipping them from abroad can be time consuming and frustrating. According to the Galleria department… View Post